Dunstan Wai, 1947-2005
Dunstan Wai
  The World Institute for Leadership and Management in Africa Inc. was the inspiration of Dunstan Wai, who spent the bulk of his professional life at the World Bank where the work he did for the Bank reflected his deep knowledge of and passion for Africa. He is well known for his contribution and his commitment to capacity building in Africa, which he believed to be the most important investment that can be made in support of development.

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Responding to talks in Dodoma with Mr. January Makamba (newly-elected MP from Bumbuli constituency in the Tanga Region of Tanzania), WILMA framed a general plan for an "Area Development Company," a new type of service company that was intended to provide a range of services to the Bumbuli Development Corporation, a proposal advanced by Mr. Makamba during his 2010 election campaign. While the idea of "ADCs" raised interest among young dynamic change-makers like January Makamba, appraisal of the feasibility of this new type of business as a replicable model found weaknesses that led over time to WILMA's present proposal for SEICs. Two areas of WILMA's focus in 2011 that also contributed to this result were: (1) research undertaken with the leading Kenyan financial manager Joseph Wambia and the staff of Wambia Capital on the creation of a hedge fund that would be suitable for providing private equity finance for new businesses and innovative projects of interest to WILMA particularly in rural East Africa; and (2) collaboration with Mr. Alex Dely, a Belgian physicist and engineer (presently a Contracts Manager for the Raytheon Corporation) to establish the Congo Infrastructure Hedge Fund, which will be potentially a second-stage provider of private equity capital for successful enterprises in the DRC assisted by SEICs there. Late in the year WILMA added staff with a view to expediting the launch of its SEIC agenda in 2012.