Cultivating mushrooms in
Dar es Salaam

Inspecting acquaculture near Kampala

Constructing waterworks in Ahakishaka

Getting Africa Out of the Poverty Business
WILMA promotes development in Africa through indigenous leadership that builds local autonomy. In contrast with conventional government-sponsored development strategies that tend to reinforce dependence on foreign aid, we enable committed African leaders to take control of their own development efforts. Furthermore, we focus on business leadership, which in its most successful form produces profitable companies, fairly paid workers, and improved living standards in the community. Successful businesses founded and managed by Africans represent a self-sustaining remedy to the problem of poverty in Africa.

With Community Supported Agroforestry-based Learning (CSAL), WILMA aims to assist the planning, start-up, and early-stage growth of small private enterprises and community-based social businesses that benefit the residents of marginalized, rural African communities through profitable work. Our strategy is detailed in this document: WILMA Strategy, February 2015 (PDF, 505kb).