WILMA's Role

As a co-founder of the Global CSAL Network, with 15 years of experience in building ground-level capacity for developmental leadership in Africa, WILMA finds, encourages, and helps Initiators of CSAL Programs to formulate and to achieve their objectives by providing the following kinds of assistance:

  • Help to identify, organize, and mobilize local human resources (individuals and their organizations) that can lead and manage CSAL Programs: promoting the vision and the mission
  • Help to prepare and present business plans for CSAL Programs (structured on the twin institutions of the Business Development Services Company and the Community Investment Trust), working with local experts and coordinating with outside technical assistance, serving as an honest broker and intermediary
  • Help to identify local opportunities for profitable applications of agroforestry science and technology, especially where opportunities arise from underutilized or badly utilized natural resources and from delays in access to information
  • Help to identify and fix impediments to agroforestry business profitability: missing physical infrastructure, lack of trust and willingness to cooperate, lack of security, legal and regulatory obstacles, bureaucratic inertia and bad policies resulting from ignorance
  • Help to mobilize local sources of finance and connection with outside sources, in a staged progression from start-up to efficient scale, taking steps in sequence to optimize sustainable growth of net worth, leveraging friendly private equity with affordable debt and only temporary use of grants.