Dunstan Wai, 1947-2005
Dunstan Wai
  The World Institute for Leadership and Management in Africa Inc. was the inspiration of Dunstan Wai, who spent the bulk of his professional life at the World Bank where the work he did for the Bank reflected his deep knowledge of and passion for Africa. He is well known for his contribution and his commitment to capacity building in Africa, which he believed to be the most important investment that can be made in support of development.

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WILMA is instrumental, both in finance and in technical support, in helping Gov. Ndegwa and a group of distinguished Kenyans to found the Kenya Leadership Institute (KLI). KLI starts operations with grants from major foundations.
Dunstan Wai's monograph, The Clash of African-Arab Civilizations and the Struggle for Self-Determination in South Sudan, serves as a platform for a movement for South Sudan's independence led by a group of respected South Sudanese leaders. They stage a series of summit meetings of the South Sudan diaspora in London, Switzerland, New York, and Nairobi, with WILMA's financial and technical support.
WILMA drafts a detailed plan to establish The Imatong Institute for education and leadership in Juba, South Sudan, to support the movement for South Sudan's independence. The Institute is established by key South Sudanese leaders with a presence in London and a website. The vision of the Imatong Institute receives enthusiastic backing but becomes moot after John Garang (military leader of the South's forces) joins the Khartoum government.