Dunstan Wai, 1947-2005
Dunstan Wai
  The World Institute for Leadership and Management in Africa Inc. was the inspiration of Dunstan Wai, who spent the bulk of his professional life at the World Bank where the work he did for the Bank reflected his deep knowledge of and passion for Africa. He is well known for his contribution and his commitment to capacity building in Africa, which he believed to be the most important investment that can be made in support of development.

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Two social enterprises started with WILMA loans, Dar CDA Mushroom and Ahakishaka Water Bottling Company, become self-managed businesses able to cover their costs and provide valuable products with social benefits, but lacking capital to achieve the scale needed for generating high profits and sustainable growth.
WILMA CDM Services designs program for the Government of Tanzania to earn CERs from upgrading the technology of the energy parastatal, Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL).
A WILMA team meets with President Kikwete of Tanzania and the Governor of the Central Bank of Tanzania to promote its IPTL reform plan.
WILMA, WilmaFund, WILMA CDM Services, LLC, and TTT-WILMA (now "The WILMA Group") focus on preparing a plan for biofuel plantations of Croton megalocarpus to be implemented in Biharamulo District (western Tanzania), where the tree grows naturally and where land procurement seems feasible.
Scouting locations for biofuel production in northwest Tanzania
Africa Biofuel and Emission Reduction (Tanzania) Limited is incorporated in Tanzania by National Investments Company (NICO) and TTT-WILMA. This joint venture is intended to provide a framework for investing in biofuel plantations in Tanzania and for earning credits for reduced use of fossil fuels.
The first student interns from Swarthmore College visit Tanzania on a program managed by WilmaFund.
Interns study DarMush operations.
The WILMA Group produces a brochure, "The Biharamulo Biofuel Project of Africa Biofuel and Emission Reduction Company (Tanzania) Ltd.," in both English and Swahili. The Swahili version is distributed widely in Biharamulo as part of WILMA's program to educate the residents about the company and the employment and development opportunities it will provide.
Walking in Kenyatta Struggles, the memoirs of Duncan Ndegwa, former governor of the Kenya central bank and a colleague of Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya's independence movement, are published by the Biography Program of the Kenya Leadership Institute. Since its founding in 2000, KLI has become a significant force for education and research in Kenya.