Dunstan Wai, 1947-2005
Dunstan Wai
  The World Institute for Leadership and Management in Africa Inc. was the inspiration of Dunstan Wai, who spent the bulk of his professional life at the World Bank where the work he did for the Bank reflected his deep knowledge of and passion for Africa. He is well known for his contribution and his commitment to capacity building in Africa, which he believed to be the most important investment that can be made in support of development.

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WILMA focuses on planning a business cluster in Kenya with an interested commercial partner in Nairobi, Kenya Organic Products, Limited (KOP).
WILMA produces a new Powerpoint show, A Business Partnership for Community-Based SMEs, and circulates it via the internet to potential supporters and partners.
WILMA visits the Shell Foundation (London) and produces a comparison of Shell and WILMA strategies in a paper, The Shell Foundation and WILMA: Ideas for Deploying Local Capital for SMEs and Going to Scale in Africa.
WILMA decides to create a company providing services to African businesses to help them capture revenue from sale of certified emission reduction credits (CERs) under the (then-anticipated) Kyoto Protocol on Greenhouse Gas Emissions. WILMA produces a concept paper, WILMA CDM Services LLC, East Africa.
Dunstan Wai, co-founder of WILMA, dies. In memory of Dunstan, who was born in South Sudan and found an escape from its poverty and strife through education, his family and friends create the Dunstan Wai Memorial Charitable Foundation. Its primary purpose is to provide educational grants to girls from the Southern Sudan whose families have been disrupted by political conflict and displaced as refugees.
WILMA CDM Services, LLC is incorporated in Washington, DC.
WILMA CDM Services, LLC works with KOP Limited to develop a business plan for biofuel plantations in the Mount Kenya region. The oil source is the indigenous tree, Croton megalocarpus, about which KOP has already developed expertise. However, this project encounters delays due to land ownership issues in Kenya.
WILMA CDM Services LLC becomes an Industrial Sector Partner of Tucson Transatlantic Trade Holding Group, Inc (TTT), creating the TTT-WILMA Biofuel and Emissions Reduction Company (TTT-WILMA).
WILMA focuses on launching The Great Lakes Mushroom Company in Uganda, to be owned by WOLICAMI, the Uganda Mushroom Growers Association, and TTT-WILMA.